Sunrise Center

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What is It?

The Sunrise Center is a 12,500 building that is located at 18901 E Burnside St in Gresham.  In 2014 we, in partnership with Multnomah County, conducted a formal listening exercise  Rockwood Speaks! to determine what our neighbors want to see change in order to make life in Rockwood better.  The #1 felt need was for a community center, and also high on the list were jobs in Rockwood.  The City of Gresham has used its RAD program to conclude the same thing.

Would you like to use the Sunrise Center?  We would love to host your next event, party or meeting.  Our rates are set in line with other event centers in the Portland metro area, but also have substantial discounts if you are from Rockwood, and/or if you represent a non-profit corporation.  For more information, see our leasing

Sunrise Center pricing 

Co-Working Space pricing

SRC Kitchen 

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